Glade Festival

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Glade is an electronic dance music festival, which originated as a music stage at the largest UK festival Glastonbury. Glade is regarded as the essential event for fans of underground electronic music, the event has established a dedicated niche market, earning it the nickname of "Glastonbury for dance music fans".


2012 line-up, news and rumours

Acts confirmed for 2012 include Sven Vath, Oliver Huntemann, Stephan Bodzin, Andy C, Rusko and Foreign Beggars, To view the full line-up as it is updated, click here.

Highlights of this years event includes the biggest late night party thrown by the organisers of The Secret Garden Party!

There will also be:

  • "Maze In Time" - An interactive installation maze with an impromptu performance space which is highly irregular, ecstasy within confusion, Over looking the maze, keeping a watchful but potentially not trustful eye on those who enter is a live performance space. A wonderful but weird point of direction for you. This stage will be fully dressed with a sound system, lighting with poets, live musicians, a handful of dj’s in between and maybe a magician or two.

  • "The Midnight Game:" - Night falls across the Glade and all sort of mysterious creatures start to wake and crawl out of the woodwork. Many of whom are kings of trickery or charming fellows ready to dash your dreams or make the Glade a beautiful place. Late into the night The Midnight Games begin. It is a game, a wondrous journey throughout the festival site and everyone is invited to enter. You will have to journey though the game solving riddles, exploring foreign lands and dodging the charming and but deadly creatures of the night. Along your journey you will have a friend, your prize possession, your fighting chance at winning and your key to the heart – warming prize that may lay at the end.Trust who you will but be sure of one thing, look after what you are given.

Ticket exchange from Golden Down Festival

Unfortunately for 2012, Golden Down Festival has been cancelled, As fellow independent pioneers of the electronic music scene, Glade festival has kindly stepped in to help soften the blow of the cancellation of Golden Down. They are offering all Golden Down ticket holders admission to Glade festival (usually £135) in a direct exchange

2011 and past line-up highlights

Headlining acts for the 2011 event included Trentemoller, Adam Beyer, Global Communication and Sub Focus, to view the events past lineup highlights, click here.


Organisers welcome you to "your very own Electric Eden", Glade is known as being colourful and the ultimate unique experience for fans of electronic music and it's sub genres.

Sound from the stages is larger then life, and in between music venues there are large spaces decorated with art and other beautiful sculptures.

Similar to the free-willed nature of the electronic community, many choose to dress up and bring various costumes along for the weekend, but equally attendees feel just as comfortable coming in what they like.

In 2011 the event introduced Nanosytems, tiny tents housing huge soundsystems, another example of how the organisers know what the audience want, and what makes an electronic event feel unique.

Many reviews state that the festival has an "infectious" mood, where you will fall to see so many smiles in one area, in regards to age group, many have stated that Glade attracts the more mature electronic fan i.e those who know how to party without runing the atmosphere for others around them.

We reviewed the 2012 event

Music stages and other entertainment

Glade has a whopping 14 stages, each with it's own identity:

  • Glade Stage: The central hub.
  • Origin Stage: The stage that started the festival.
  • Beta Pyramid: dedicated to the up and coming, the stage is set alight at the end of the festival as a "burning sacrifice to the Lords of the Bassline"
  • Inspiral Lounge: "chilled out dubs and grooves, intelligent electronica and world music"
  • E.T.A Stage: Started as pop-up boutique parties in non-club venues, this is the best stage for high level event production and DJ talent, played through Funktion One Systems
  • Gourange Stage: Gouranga was the brainchild of Leeds students who desired to party to dance music all through the week, it later became known as one of London most respected underground parties, the feel for this stage is established acts "mixed with new blood".
  • Liquid Stage: Held outside in the woods, this stage is open until the sun rises.
  • The Meteor: The second stage in the woodland, the bass speakers will be under the dance floor
  • Overkill: "fast, broken and quite often totally hilarious"
  • The Bassment: Home to the Nano system.
  • The Rabbit Hole: The area that gets you "high on eccentricity"-"A full day of talks, debates, performances & entertainment exploring the frontiers of knowledge & thinking about global Futures; with some of the world’s leading scientists, philosophers, artists & engineers."
  • Dance Off Stage: Non-stop fun and dance off competitions
  • Remix Rollerdisco: Mixing various genres of music, everything from "Hoe-step" to "Barn-core", rivalling the Dance Off stage, this venue encourages all sorts of themed dancing in rollerskates.
  • I Scream: An ice cream van that serves music treats.

Things to see

  • The Meteor: This incredible stage is set in an open cave in the middle of woodland. DJs perform from a UFO poised above dancers who float on a huge bass system installed into the ground below.
  • Silver Area: As you stroll around the woodland you'll notice a very shiny silver area. This is a maze with various rooms full of strange things and interesting people.
  • Hot Tubs: You can enjoy the warmth of a hot tub in the woodland at Glade for just £20 for two hours for up to four people.
  • Burning Pyromid: On the last night (Sunday) at Glade a huge wooden pyramid will be burnt to the ground in the middle of the festival site.


The crowd at Glade is mostly 20 - 35 year olds, mostly from England and in particular from either London or Eastern England. A huge percentage of festival-goers are involved in the festival in some capacity. Almost everyone at this festival has an extremely relaxed attitude to drugs.

Glade operates a very particular age limit, Under 12's are allowed to attend for free, but still need to register for a ticket with an adult, however the festival has a strict "No Teens" policy. Anyone aged 13 to 17 will not be allowed into the festival.


Glade festival takes place near to Kings Lynn in Norfolk on the grounds of Houghton Hall, a country estate that was originally home to Robert Walpole (the first prime minister of England).

The festival enclosure encompasses large areas of grass, parkland and woods and festival-goers can even visit the farmland and cultivated garden areas on the estate's grounds if they wish.


  • By Car: Situated just off the A148, the postcode for the site is PE31 6UE, The festival also carries out a strict Green Tax, where you will be charged £2.50 for every empty care seat in your car. Parking at the festival is very well organised. Access to your car is easy during the festival and the car park is very close to the main festival area.

If you would like to travel by car, why not save some money with Blabla Car - the ultimate car sharing website for UK and Europe!

  • By Train: The nearest train station is King's Lynn. From the station you will need to take a shuttle bus or taxi to the festival site which is approximately 15 minutes away.

The nearest station is in KING’S LYNN, and we will be running shuttle service to the site. Times the service is running are as follows: The service will cost £3.

Thursday – 12pm – 8pm / Friday – 12pm – 8pm / Saturday – 12pm – 3pm / Sunday – 12pm – 6pm / Monday – 8am – 12pm

We have a number of coach services available from around the country. Please look at the Travel Section in the Information tab. Shuttle Bus: Glade use an old style routemaster double decker bus to transport revellers from the train station to the main festival site (and viceversa). There is a great atmosphere on this bus and it is a very cheap solution (a single ticket is usually about £3 per person). The shuttle bus stops at both general and press/performers entrances. Unfortunately the bus does not run all day and is not too frequent (in 2012 buses left the station almost every hour).
Taxi: Taxis are available all day and night at King's Lynn station and will take passengers to the Glade festival site for about £25 to £30. + By Coach: Visit, to book a service which leaves from the following destinations: Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Canterbury East, Dover, Manchester, Nottingham and London.


King's Lynn is one of the driest parts of England. It is also a very windy area. The festival weekend can be extremely sunny or quite changeable. Take a mixture of clothes for rain, sun and strong wind.


Glade offers a variety of camping options including tents, campervan parking and boutique camping. The camping areas at glade are extremely clean, due to a combination of a great cleaning job by festival staff and a great clean ethic from festival-goers.


Glade festival offers a huge variety of food of all different types. There are no tacky burger vans here, each vendor offers well priced, delicious food!


There are several great bars at Glade (including a rather dangerous rollerdisco bar!) Bars offer beer (San Miguel), cider and spirits.


The toilets at Glade are incredibly clean which is rather unexpected. Toilet paper seems to be replaced often too.


Glade offers free showers in campsites to revellers. Warmer, better showers are also available for a small fee.

Tickets and contacts

Glade operates a very particular age limit, Under 12's are allowed to attend for free, but still need to register for a ticket with an adult, however the festival has a strict "No Teens" policy. Anyone aged 13 to 17 will not be allowed into the festival.

Tickets can be bought via SeeTickets, and the festival are also offering an adult deposit scheme, price details are as following

  • Weekend Admission: £135 + Booking Fee and Transcation Fee
  • Weekend Admission Deposit Scheme: £50 + Booking Fee, you will then be able to pay the remaining fee (£50 plus booking and then £85 per ticket) over two installments, both which must be done before 14th May 2012.
  • Under 12's Festival Pass: Free
  • Campervan Pass: £50 + Transcation Fee