Anime Festival Asia (AFA) Past Line-up Highlights

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  • Guest speakeres included Animation Director Koji Morimoto, Gundam Mechanical Designer Gundam.
  • Music highlights included Ichirou Mizuki and May'n


  • First ever "Regional Cosplay Championship" with coplayers taking part from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailaind, Indonesia and the Philippines.
  • 4 K-On! voice actors performed the first-ever live dubbing event of certain scenes from the production
  • Music included Shoko Nakagawa, Yoshiki Fukuyama and Hatsune Miku.



  • Voice actresses Kana Hanazawa and Milky Holmes were invited to the event
  • Movie screened before their DVD and Blu-Ray releases included Mobile suit Gundam 00 The Movie and The Disapperance Of Haruhi Suzumiya


  • Invited singers included Ichiro Mizuki, Flow, LiSA, and Sea☆A on Day 2 of AFA.[6] May'n, Angela, Kalafina, Kanako Itō and Milky Holmes
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn episode 4 was shown on the same day as it debuted in Japan.