Will We Have A Wikifestival In Africa?

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Submitted by chitownguypaulo on 2013, May 22 - 7:28pm

I always wanted to go to Africa, and I think it would be awesome to have a Wikifestival there? Is there any chance of something like that ever happening? I would definitely volunteer!

2013, May 24 - 9:11pm

I actually live in South Africa. We have a couple of festivals every year. It all depends on what you want when you go to one. I would suggest checking out "Rocking The Daisies". They have been giving me the most fun I have ever experienced. It happens in October every year and is a blast! It's in Cape Town so you can go to the festival then come to town after the week and go on the "touristy" things.

2013, May 26 - 6:41am

Where in Africa? Africa is seriously HUGE so you should probably narrow it down for better results. There are some great music festivals that people travel to featuring traditional music in Nigeria, Mali, Zanzibar and Morocco, just to name a few. There's a giant Cape Town jazz festival, too. I've also heard great things about the Lake of Stars Festival at Lake Malawi where there is a very friendly, laid-back culture.