Will Tomorrowland be in Boom, Belgium in 2014?

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Submitted by Edward Mellett on 2013, July 30 - 4:20pm

I've heard a rumour that Tomorrowland will be moving somewhere else in Europe in 2014 (bigger space, more secluded), possibly outside of Belgium altogether. Boom seems like a nice place to have the festival, but the organisers talk a lot about how the location is very close to locals and real-life, whereas their new location for Tomorrowworld is, for example, at least 30 minutes away from civilisation and consequently has a more unearthly, remote, fantasy feel to it.

Has anyone heard anything about a possible new location for Tomorrowland 2014?

2013, July 30 - 5:53pm

We have yet to hear anything....YET :-D

The news wouldn't surprise us if it were true, with the festival becoming more and more popular and selling out year after year, perhaps moving to a different location would add to their overall feel.

We will update the wiki as soon as we hear anything credible or worth discussing :-)

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