Where is EDC festival in London?

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Submitted by chupss on 2013, July 16 - 11:04pm

I can't figure it out from their website. I want to know where it is and what the nearest tube station is please! ..it's this weekend so we don't have long!

2013, July 17 - 12:02am

It's at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, E20 2ST

2013, July 17 - 9:29am

It is in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Your best bet is to go to Stratford, and then walk from there, it's nearby. Stratford is connected by both the Central and Jubilee Line, as well as the DLR. Alternatively you can get a 7 minute train from Kings Cross.

If you have any more questions you can check our wiki: http://www.wikifestivals.com/lineup/electric-daisy-carnival-london-2013

Or feel free to ask!

2013, July 22 - 12:51pm

Did you enjoy edc? looked amazing from the footage i'v seen. definitely going to go next year! lovebox too