When do Tomorrowland 2013 tickets go on sale?

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Submitted by wally2190kelly on 2013, January 21 - 11:20am

hi when are tickets going on sale?

2013, January 21 - 11:36am

Hello wally2190kelly:

2013 tickets GO ONSALE February 9th at 17:00 CET for Belgium residents ONLY Travel Packages for the world go onsale at this time as well.

2013 tickets (camping and festival) for the rest of the World is February 16th at 17:00 CET (Use google to translate to your specific time zone)

For more information be sure to check out our Tomorrowland wiki: http://www.wikifestivals.com/wiki/tomorrowland

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, November 5 - 10:05am

I will be in Europe travelling already. Is there any way I can buy a ticket without buying a travel package? For 2014 of course.

2013, September 7 - 2:07am

Whats the process of buying the tickets? Do you buy a madness pass then a camping pass afterwards then your flights? Also when will the 2014 tickets go on sale??

2013, November 20 - 1:52pm

Tickets go on sale mid-February. You can buy Camping and madness together without the flight included which is bought separately. If you want to buy everything together you can buy a global journey pass, but only certain locations will have flights going to Belgium.