When do tickets go on sale for Tomorrowland 2013

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Submitted by RhiRha on 2012, November 27 - 12:12pm

When we will find out about tickets and flights and that? Surely there should be an announcement soon or at least before the end of the year?

2012, November 27 - 12:14pm

Hello again RhiRha

Our estimate is that information shall be released towards the beginning of next year, this year tickets went on sale around March/April.

Sorry we can't give you any more insight as that's all we have at the moment :-)


Team Wikifestivals

2012, November 27 - 3:23pm

Last year, on Dec 5th, per Tomorrowland's Facebook notes, they started releasing information. Mind you, they didn't announce pricing or anything until February. They did announce they will start giving out DJ/Artist names January 1st. So hopefully SOME info will start coming out in the next month or so!

2012, November 30 - 10:54pm

Hey, I'm just wondering how hard it really is to get tickets to Tomorrowland, and is attempting to get one of the travel packages unrealistic? I feel as though those would sell out much faster and I would be better off grabbing General Admission tickets + Whatever else. Thanks! This is a HUGE help to me, I'm starting to plan now!

2012, November 30 - 10:56pm

As far as tickets, yes, they are a bit difficult to obtain.

Travel packages don't sell out as quick as you'd think, plus they go onsale from DeBoeck before the Tomorrowland tickets go onsale to the world. Usually the travel packages go onsale the end of March.

2012, December 5 - 9:41am

how rapidly have the tickets sold out in recent years, because if tickets go on sale march/april it only leaves 3 months to purchase flight and book accommodation etc. booking such things are usually quite a bit more expensive than if purchased now. just wondering if it would be unwise to book travel before having the ticket to the festival, cheers

2012, December 5 - 3:13pm

Hello n_fry27

For 2012, Tickets allocated to Belgian Residents sold out in a day (80,000 out of 180,000) whereas tickets for the rest of the world sold out in 2 hours.

Personally, we wouldn't advise booking travel unless the people you book with offer a cancellation policy.

We do however understand the timeframe is restraining but we would advise against, perhaps allocate some money aside for travel, if we can help may we ask where you are hoping to travel from?

Team Wikifestivals