What was your worst music festival experience?

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Submitted by nayadaur on 2013, August 17 - 4:50pm

2013, August 23 - 12:02pm

Mine was when I got really drunk at Pulp Summer Slam 2008 in Manila, went into the mosh-pit with my phone, wallet and watch. After 15 minutes of drunken moshing my phone and wallet were gone, I couldn't find my right shoe and my watch broke.

2013, August 23 - 8:25pm

The first night and second day of the Kahbang festival in Bangor, ME this year. It absolutely poured the whole time, and everything got drenched. The rain kept a lot of people away from coming, so there wasn't much going on. We got so muddy and disgusting. However, we ended up embracing it on day 3, and everything was much better.

2013, August 30 - 1:59pm

Few years back, i took some naughtyness and ended up being a tripped out, paranoid wreck. Called my mother begging me to come and get me (I was 25 years old) and when she couldn't i borrowed a friends car and had the sketchiest drive back to my house 50 miles away. I felt so rough, thought i needed to go to hospital so confessed all to my mum and she made me ring Frank!

2013, September 4 - 3:35pm

At Taste of Chaos back in 2009 or something, the headliners were 30 Seconds to Mars, Senses Fail, and The Used. I was pretty pumped about those bands coming on to play later and was having a blast with some friends from high school and college. The crowd was pretty rowdy and I was in the mosh pit for a while. I made my way to the front of the crowd, where the lead singer from Aiden decided to go crowd surfing - or more, have people hold him up straight while he sang. He was RIGHT in front of me, and when he tried to go back to the stage he kicked me in the head so hard that I fell over... it was fine then, but in the morning I had the worst headache and found out that I had a minor concussion.