What are some of your favorite festival activities (aside from the music)?

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Submitted by gnub on 2013, August 23 - 6:48am

Personally, I'm a huge fan of bounce houses. One I went to had a bounce house obstacle course. VERY fun, in my opinion. How 'bout you?

2013, August 23 - 11:32am

I like to check out the the food and the vendors selling band gear. Some festivals have really good vendors, you'll find some good food and interesting items to buy. I make a lot of new friends when I go to festivals too, Its fun to socialize in festivals, you'll meet a lot of interesting people.

2013, August 23 - 3:59pm

Hanging out at the campsite and meeting new people is my favorite thing to do in the downtime. Everyone brings stuff to share, and it's just fun to talk to people about their backgrounds and their journey there, as well as get hyped about upcoming acts together.

2013, August 23 - 5:28pm

My favorite things to do at festivals besides enjot the music are to just meet new people. It's very interesting to see so many people from various places all in one location. I've mae many friends that way. Also, I love tasting the food that is available at festivals as well, even if it does happen to be a little expensive sometimes.

2013, August 23 - 9:03pm

I like to try and keep an eye out for the band members. Sometimes they will come out into the crowd and goof around with the fans before the shows. One of the guitarists for Phish rode out into the crowd on a golf cart before the show, and even ate some pot/rice/chocolate concoction from one of the fans.

2013, August 24 - 7:04pm

I'm a foodie, so it would definitely be pigging out on grub. I try to get my friends to all buy different items so we can sample a bit of each without spending a fortune. Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach though, and I end up getting majorly stuffed.

2013, August 30 - 1:31pm

This year on our last night we set up a little shop outside our tent and we're selling off our surplus supplies we didn't fancy taking home (crisps, pot noodles, inflatable balls we found, toilet roll) and we actually made £14!! It's amazing what you can sell to wasted people!

2013, August 30 - 6:36pm

There is one festival here in July every year, and every single year it rains. I mean, it pours! What better than to do with the rain and the mud than mud wrestling, of course! This is certainly not me anymore, but there has been plenty of stripped down individuals rolling around in the mud.