What are the best music festivals in the world?

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Submitted by Edward Mellett on 2013, August 11 - 12:20am

I've been to a quite few music festivals over the last ten years, mostly in the UK but also in Europe and America. I'm a big rock fan but also love electronic music, break-beat, folk and world music stuff, obscure DJs and am open to new things too. Out of all the festivals I've been to, the best ones have got to be:

  • South by Southwest (USA)
  • Glastonbury (UK)
  • Ilosaarirock (Finland)
  • Glade (UK)
  • Secret Garden Party (UK)

This site is all about music festival discussion so I wanted to find out from everyone else, from your experiences, what you think the best festivals in the world are. What's your top five or top three?

2013, August 17 - 4:49pm

In my country, India, Sunburn is the biggest and the hottest festival that takes place every year in December. The venue is Goa which is already a tourist attraction with it's beautiful beaches and friendly shacks. Couple this with international music artist performances and you get an awesome music festival.

2013, August 23 - 2:52am

Without being entirely ethnocentric, I don't think of India as having many tourist attractions. No offense, my friend, but the area seems so fraught with turmoil right now. I am looking at India in a whole other way. Please forgive my ignorance!

2013, August 23 - 2:49am

It's been quite awhile since I've been to a fest but the best ones I ever went to were in Germany. They make them big events with the requisite beer gardens and some even have a carnival attached. I remember them being so much fun--I wonder now if my girls remember them that way.