Upgrading dreamville ticket after purchasing travel package!?

Tim Adams's picture

Submitted by Tim Adams on 2013, February 15 - 3:47am

Was fortunate enough to get a global package but could only get the dreamville ticket that allows you to take your own tent! If possible are we able to buy a separate dreamville ticket (relax room) and use it in conjunction with our package and just forfeit out camping ticket???

2013, February 15 - 2:28pm

I'm pretty sure as it gets closer (End of June, 1st week of July) they will offer up more Relax Rooms for sale. They did this last year as well.

Hopefully it's the same but with it being bigger and more in demand than ever, who knows.

2013, February 15 - 8:03pm

Yeah fair enough but I want to know if I'm allowed to buy one and use it or do I have to use the single tent one I already have no exceptions!

2013, February 16 - 12:40am

Nobody will necessarily force you to use your single tent. Think of normal dreamville like a GA admission to a concert. You get in and then roam around and pick your spot to camp. Relax room is like a table reservation at a club ,with a reserved spot.