Traveling to Tomorrowland from the UK

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Submitted by vikikell on 2013, March 19 - 10:02pm

I am going to Tomorrowland and staying in Dreamville I need some help on getting there

First of all is it best to get to brussels via plane or train i will be leaving on Thursday the 25th and returning on the Monday

Secondly getting to Boom once im in the airport or train station, is it best to pre book train tickets? are there regular services?

What is the actual names of the stations i need to be at?

Lastly getting from Boom to the actual camp site, ive seen alot of posts about shuttle buses is this true?

Any help would be great!!!


Viki :D

2013, March 20 - 12:25pm

Hello Vikikell

Check out the "Travel Section" of this wiki for general info and a link for our article on how to get to Tomorrowland from the UK.

Team Wikifestivals