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Submitted by EllaS33 on 2013, February 1 - 7:57pm

So, I want to know if you have any idea about the chances of getting Travel Package (Global Journey) tickets, specifically out of Montreal, and just tickets in general!

I know they're hard to get, but is this a practical dream? Or is it so far fetched and hard to get tickets for that I shouldn't get my hopes up?

I'm 100% serious about going to this festival, and I've been planning on going since September! Also, I registered mere minutes for tickets, will that affect my chances of getting tickets in my favour? or does that not even matter?

Thanks! Your information on this site is incredible! Keep it up!

2013, February 5 - 3:53pm

Hello EllaS33

First of thanks for the feedback and sorry for the late reply.

It is literally the luck of the draw, we will be sending you positive vibes with fingers crossed hoping you get a ticket :-D

BUT do bare in mind that this year the festival will be operating it's very own secondary ticket reselling site for those who can no longer attend and have tickets to sell.

So in sort just because it sells out doesn't mean there is not another way to get tickets ;-)

Anything else we can help with?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, February 5 - 8:15pm

The suspense is killing me! For once, I'm hoping I actually get lucky!

One last quick thing, are the Global Journey Tickets being sold off the main site? Or on the link we received once we registered, or elsewhere? It's been so confusing, and I want to know exactly where to go so I'm prepared.

Thanks again!

2013, February 8 - 5:04pm

Hello Ella,

Do whatever is instructed in the email, our site is just advice put together by fans and has no input from the official festival, We just ask them questions from time to time.

Team Wikifestivals