Travel Packages to Tomorrowland from South Africa

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Submitted by Nqobile Msibi on 2013, April 25 - 10:13am

I am from South Africa and was wondering around how much i should save up for everything (Tickets, accommodation, flights, etc.) I would also like to know if there are any companies that deal with travel packages to Tomorrowland from South Africa

2013, April 25 - 11:52am

Hello Nqobile

2013 travel packages for Tomorrowland are sold out but we do remember packages being sold from South Africa.

In terms of 2014, we can't give you a predictive price of how much it will be as they have taken down the prices, however 2013 festival tickers were €198.50 for a weekend pass and a camping pass was €47.50.

We'd advise saving around €250 for the festival ticket and perhaps an extra €200 on top if you want to get the global journey packages that include return flights, accommodation, and transfers from the airport and accommodation if you choose a hotel package.

It might be a little more than that or less but it's a rough start, to work out how much euros are in your currency, you can use this currency converter:

Sorry this isn't a direct answer but hopefully this shall give you some idea, plus don't forget in May the festival is launching an exchange desk for 2013 tickets, we don't know if this includes global journey packages but we shall have to wait and see :-)

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