Too old for Reading?

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Submitted by hibiscusleaf on 2013, August 12 - 1:32pm

Me and some of my mates wanted to go to Reading this year because the line up looks amazing. We're all in our 20s though and we were worried about being out of place since I heard that the average age is quite young. Will there be other people our age?

2013, August 12 - 2:18pm

While you are right that the average age is quite young, there is a range of different people. Don't worry you will fit right in if you are in your mid-20s!

2013, August 12 - 5:54pm

No big deal, I see a lot of oldies in festivals and events. I don't find it weird, they actually seems really cool. 20s ain't old.

2013, August 12 - 7:20pm

I went to Reading fest every year from 2000 (when I was 16) to 2005 (when I was 21).

When I went in 2005 I felt old. Really old. Sure there are older people at this festival, but the majority of attendees are 16 to 19 - pre-uni. It's still fun and you'll still meet older people (or younger ones, if you want!) but it is one of the youngest festival audiences.

I've heard Leeds' audience is a bit older - mostly uni students and in their 20's.

2013, August 12 - 7:25pm

I'd recommend going to Leeds instead, Reading has become the "Let's Get Pissed After GCCE's/A Levels" haven for teenagers.

There are people of all ages that go, but at Reading it's a larger proportion.

2013, August 18 - 10:32am

Well you are not that old either. I'm pretty sure I've seen plenty of 20 somethings over there. Go out and have fun!

2013, August 19 - 5:33pm

I say go for it. If you're in your early twenties then I'm sure many people might not even notice you at all.Like you said, some of your favorite bands are going to be there, so don't let your age be factor in making you miss out on what could be a great experience.

2013, August 19 - 8:08pm

I don't you should really be concerned about the average age because you will probably blend in quite well. Even though most people there are teens you still find others in their 20s there. So just have fun and enjoy it.

2013, August 19 - 10:47pm

While you are right about the young age, you still don't have to worry about a thing. People of many different ages are there, and besides people in their twenties are not that old. Have fun!

2013, August 22 - 6:11am

I don't think there is anything wrong with going, even if you're in your 20-s. Most festivals are filled with youth-aged kids nowadays, but I'm 23 and I'm not going to stop seeing music I love in fear of what some kids may think of me! I'm going!

2013, August 30 - 1:35pm

I've just come back from Reading and i was shocked by how young everyone was. At 25 i didn't expect to feel old at a festival but i was talking to a bunch of 16 year olds one night and they were chatting about school! Jealous much as i go back to my office job. Pfffhhh youth is wasted on the young.

2013, August 30 - 6:33pm

Early 20's is still perfectly acceptable! Besides, if you enjoy something, why should you let the 'general age' hold you back from experiencing it?

2013, September 3 - 2:34pm

There will absolutely still be people your age! I'm mid-20s and still go to shows that are basically the American equivalent of Reading. If you like the music, you like the music. And think about it this way: if every person over 18 felt the same way as you and avoided the festival simply because they thought the crowd was too young, the crowd WOULD be too young.