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Submitted by beaubutcher on 2013, January 3 - 5:12am

Hey this will be my first time out side of the country which is the US but I wanna make sure I get the full experience. Would it still be just as good of a time if i were to stay at a hilton hotel or something apposed to dream land? and if i were to stay at the hotel is there transportation to and from the hotel available through the day and late night?

2013, January 3 - 12:32pm

Hello baubutcher


It is often said that during the festival period, a lot of the tourists staying at local surrounding hotels are festival attendees themselves, often creating their own vibe once back at the hotel. This all depends on the hotel though, some hotels have 24 hour bars some don't, here are some hotel recommendations here:


If you are staying at a hotel or local inn, there is often taxi and travel information available at the reception, Belgium is complimented for having a very good bus and tram system which we are sure there will be information available at the airport that you land at, it also helps to check out Belgium Tourist Websites and Forms.


You might want to check out this travel article here:

As well as this US meetup forum here:

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