Tomorrowland vs. TomorrowWorld

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Submitted by Carlo Martuscelli on 2013, July 30 - 2:49pm

What are going to be the differences? Do you think the new sister festival will be as successful as the original Belgian one?

I've heard that TomorrowWorld is going to be in the middle of the woods, so the location is quite nice. When I went to Tomorrowland I found that the nature was pretty, but it wasn't exactly the wilderness. Hopefully TomorrowWorld will be more spacious so that it feels less packed.

Also does anyone know whether the stages will be similar or not? I know that they've announced the line-up but I'm really wondering what kind of decorations and effects will be there. It's the same organisers so I'm sure that it will be just as good.

Final question, what are the plans for expanding the festival elsewhere? Is it just going to be just a North America and Europe thing?

2013, July 30 - 5:56pm

It's true that the festival will be in a more remote location, however one difference with TomorrowWorld that will probably upset alot of European teenagers is that the age limit at TomorrowWorld is 21 as opposed to 18 like it is at TomorrowLand.

In terms of expansion, promoters have started they plan to either expand the festival or at least visit other countries over the next few years, rumours have already begun suggesting Tomorrowland's popping up in Australia and certain areas of Asia.

Watch this space!

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