Tomorrowland Visa Approval

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Submitted by abdelmajeedhass on 2013, January 29 - 3:39pm

hello , my name is abdelmagied and i am holding a sudanese passport. i'd really love to join the 2013 tomorroland festival. my question is will i be granted to enter belguim for these 4 or 5 awesome nights.


2013, January 30 - 12:24am

Hey Bro I'm facing the same problem as you , but i had few visas to the EU before, that should make it easier,, but i can only say from my experience, that the embassy would want to see official documents and papers that you paid tickets and accommodation, but each country have it's own rules,, so no one can answers ,, you can ask Belgium embassy what are the required papers. hope that helps you cheers

2013, January 30 - 10:23am

thanks bro, thats what i had in mind too.

2013, January 30 - 11:16am

Hey everyone,

Our advice is to type in "Belgian Embassy in (YOUR COUNTRY NAME)" into Google and that way you can find the details for you local embassy and double check with them.

In regards to Sudan, try this:

Team Wikifestivals

2014, July 2 - 6:20pm

so you all got visa last year ?.i am facing this problem