Tomorrowland tickets via viagogo

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Submitted by joannamnr on 2014, February 15 - 8:23pm

does anybody know if i get tickets from viagogo will they be guaranteed?

2014, February 18 - 9:40am


viagogo guarantees every ticket so you can be sure you'll get the ticket you purchased in time for the event and you'll get in.



2014, February 18 - 5:36pm

couple of questions. I got 4 tickets when it came online they are the regular full madness for the Friday Saturday and sunday I know this doesn't include camping, but when we get there is there going to be an option of putting a tent up somewhere or something like that/

Also I will be driving from the uk is there parking available somewhere for the full weekend? or is it worth flying over?

last one is there somewhere to leave valuables such as passports etc like a locker and if so do you rent them when you turn up or before hand?

hope someone can help thanks

2014, February 18 - 6:03pm

Can you go to the gathering with a regular full madness weekend pass? cheers

2014, February 20 - 12:15pm

@ronson, if you haven't purchased camping, then we advise that you find somewhere to stay, as just pitching a tent somewhere nearby will not be feasible. Check out our Where to stay in Tomorrowland page. There is, however, parking available, as well as lockers you can use.

@Jamie, you can go to the gathering if you have a Dreamville camping pass, if not, no.

2014, February 21 - 8:20am

Thanks! @wikifestivals

2014, February 25 - 2:36pm

is it safe to buy tickets on viagogo for tomorrowland

2016, April 27 - 10:09pm

DO NOT BUY FROM VIAGOGO!! I bought tickets from them and the concert got cancelled - I have been fighting for 2 months to get my money back! They are dishonest and I will NEVER use them again!