Tomorrowland Tickets and Paylogic. Is this a legit email or is it a scam?

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Submitted by GeorgeKershaw on 2013, June 11 - 11:55pm


Iv'e posted before about me being able to get passes for all three days for me and two friends, but weren't able to get DreamVille passes as they sold out, so I am extremely desperate for DreamVille as we have no where to stay.

Today I received an email which seems to be too good to be true, but seems really legit!

It was from '[email protected]'

This is the email, I have blanked out my code though just in case.

'Hello Tomorrowland fan,

In this mail you will find your unique code(s) to buy your tickets for Tomorrowland 2013. Each code exists of 7 characters. With this voucher code you can buy your tickets using the link below. After the payment you will receive E-tickets. You need to bring these E-tickets to Tomorrowland, where you can exchange the E-tickets for your festival bracelets at the "Will call - Pick up Desk"

Attention! You can only buy the number of tickets you requested at Tomorrowland

Your unique code('s): *******

How to buy your tickets? click on this link and use your unique code.


This code stays valid for 20 minutes, if you made a mistake in the first step you can use your code again (ONLY WHEN YOU DID NOT PAY FOR YOUR TICKET YET). You can use your code only ones.


If you have questions mail to: [email protected]

Kind Regards,

On behalf of Tomorrowland

Paylogic Customer Service'

The link takes me to the website, and has a padlock in the URL bar which states it is verified, so it seems to be secure. I can't see how this can be a phishing site. The main thing that concerns me though is that you have to collect the bracelets.

What would you say about this?

Thank you ever so much

2013, June 12 - 10:53am

I emailed paylogic and tomorrowland and got a response from both, it is legit! I'm not sure if this is part of the exchange desk service, or something different though. Has anyone else been as lucky as me?

2013, June 14 - 8:34am

I wouldn't trust any email. First of all how did they even get your email, if you can't answer that then I surely wouldn't believe anything they say. There is so many scams that even seem legit, who knows but hey I work at a bank and every story I've heard of someone canceling their card, was always something they agreed to way to fast and hoping for the best.

Besides you should be able to call them, get more information. If you can't get it by email or phone, don't do it. Legit companies ALWAYS communicate.

2013, June 14 - 8:36am

For me, I usually don't give these kind of emails much thought, because it's most likely a scam. Then again, for your case it might be different, since you've already contacted the said parties and all. I'd still be careful if I were you, especially clicking on links and providing billing info. Just be careful.

2013, June 14 - 2:24pm

Don't worry everything went through fine, ID&T confirmed it was real, so did tomorrowland. Payment made, confirmation email received, DreamVille here I come!

They metioned that not everyone gets the chance for the 2nd wave, so I'm not 100% sure why or how I did. My guess is because I was on the waiting list?

Hopefully some of you get this chance too!

2013, July 7 - 10:30pm

Hello GeorgeKershaw,

Actually I bought an e-ticket today for Tomorrowland Sunday on Viagogo labeled as 2nd wave ticket.

I didn't find any Client Name on the ticket. Is that right? Is the ticket supposed to contain the name of the original buyer? I would think so.

Appreciate your response!

Thanks a lot!

2013, July 13 - 12:18am

I bought all my tickets legitimately through paylogic, so I wouldn't know I'm afraid :(

2013, June 14 - 2:48pm

I'm sure it is legit! How much did you manage to save?! Lucky you also for being able to buy DreamVille tickets :*(

2013, July 13 - 12:19am

Indeed it was! I didn't save anything, they were the exact same price as original sale. I already had tickets for all 3 days, it was just the dreamville i needed :)

2013, June 19 - 12:42am


Friend got similar email and bought tickets to Dreamville and to the Tomorrowland. Strange thing is, that all tickets has his name printed on them. Is that okay? Does anyone know?

Thanks a lot!

2013, July 5 - 10:05pm

Hello GeorgeKershaw/Juho_N,

Actually I bought an e-ticket today for Tomorrowland Sunday on Viagogo labeled as 2nd wave ticket.

I didn't find any Client Name on the ticket. Is that correct? Is the ticket supposed to contain the name of the original buyer?

Also ,the ticket says the following.... Does it mean that only the original buyer can go to the festival? "GO TO THE ‘WILL CALL - PICK UP DESK’ AT MAIN ENTRANCE TO RECEIVE YOUR FESTIVAL BRACELET

TiCKETS aRE STRiCTLy PERSOnaL anD By naME! your passport/iD can be asked at the special GuEST desk. will be a very strict surveillance respecting valid tickets with correct names. in case the name on the ticket doesn’t match your passport or the responsible buyer, entrance will be denied."

Appreciate your response/help!

Thanks a lot!

2013, July 8 - 12:54pm

I also bought an eticket 2nd wave from viagogo. My e ticket has no client name on it either so I am worried I may not be able to exchange this for a bracelet on the day of tomorrowland. I have emailed viagogo twice in relation to my concerns as it states on the ticket that these are strictly personal and by name but viagogo have yet to respond. Can anyone shed some light on this please....???? I am glad to see I am not the only one who has a e ticket with no name.

2013, July 13 - 12:21am

I honestly have no idea :( All my e-tickets have my name on them, I bought them all through paylogic. It was strongly advised not to buy from 3rd parties though. I suggest you read the listing for the tickets to see if there are any instructions or contact the seller

2013, July 8 - 4:22pm

I bought two comfort pass tickets from viagogo. I wasnt worried until i read in tomorrowland website that they are no E-Tickets in 2013. Thats got me concerned. I called viagogo and they say it wouldnt be a problem. They say the funds are held with them till 7 days after the event and only then released to the sellers. In case of any problems the amount is refunded back. But i am still not comfortable, cause how does viagogo validate that we really had a problem? Whats the proof later after the event?

As all, there is no name on my ticket as well. Anyone can go with a similar copy and pick the bracelet, so where is the gurantee im the only one having this ticket?

Im seriously worried now....

2013, July 8 - 6:59pm

Has anyone heard any news on if the e-tickets are legit or not as i have purchased them too.

2013, July 11 - 8:02pm

I bought my pass tickets from viagogo too. I received E-Ticket but there isn't my name. I E-Mailed mybracelet @ and say that: "Hi, I bought my ticket on Viagogo. I received an E-Ticket with an order number and a personalized bar code for the client name. This E-ticket tell that: Go to the "Will Call - Pick up desk" at main entrance to receive your festival and dreamville bracelet. I would like to know if it's true or a swindle. Thank you" The answer: "Dear, This is the right way! Kind regards, Tomorrowland" So I think it's good because we have bar code and an order number. I will bring my itemised bill where there is my name for a proof.

2013, July 17 - 11:42am

i received that email too but a had some problems with payment so now i can't use my special voucher code and i can't buy dreamville tickets....

2014, February 15 - 7:23pm

For the ones who purchased the E-tickets from Viagogo, did the transaction/purchase and reception of bracelets all go smoothly? I'm looking at buying them for the 2014 festival and figured I'd check if it was legit in 2013.

2014, March 4 - 2:14am

I sold my tickets for tomorrowland 2014 in viagogo and i have been told to personalize them all in my name, i hope the buyer will be able to access the festival, anyways i must ship them the bracelets once i recieve them.

2014, March 4 - 4:17pm

If you contacted your buyer and he agreed to do that, I don't see why you couldn't?