tomorrowland tickets

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Submitted by deniskirylo on 2013, February 7 - 8:15pm

hello, i was wondering will tickets for tomorrowland still be available in june? will they not be sold out by then?

2013, February 8 - 12:17pm

Hello Deniskirylo

Tickets ALWAYS sell out on the day of release, however the festival will be operating their own re-sale website where people who have bought tickets for whatever reason need to sell them on.

Anything else we can help with?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, February 8 - 6:25pm

Do i have many chance to get the tickets in june from people? And what about dreamville then?

2013, February 8 - 7:26pm

And do i have to get camping tickets stright with tomorrowland ticket or it dosent matter when you get camping tickets?