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Submitted by jen-89 on 2012, December 6 - 12:24am


I'm from Melbourne, Australia. Just wanted to know what site do i got to buy Tomorrowland tickets? and if i can buy four tickets at one time?

We'll be traveling around Europe first then heading to Antwerp to get to the festival. Is there a festival shuttle from there or do i have to catch a train to Boom?


2012, December 6 - 12:37am

Hi ,

i'm from Melbourne Australia, just needing to know the best way for me to purchase tickets like what websites or which place do i call up?

when will tickets be released and info for pricing?

2012, December 6 - 10:54am

Hello Alexandra McCaffery

Organisers have told us that 2013 ticket information will be available in the new year.

Just to let you know if you want to organise any meetups and or offer or look for some advice from those travelling from your country, you can do so here:

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2012, December 6 - 11:34am

Hello jen-89

Tickets should be available from the festivals official website here: however ticket information for 2013 should be released in the first quarter of the new year.

From Antwerp, if arriving on the Friday get the train to Boom and there is a free shuttle service running from there, there will be an interchange in thss journey so check for details.

Team Wikifestivals