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Submitted by wikifestivals on 2013, February 19 - 1:13pm

We have been receiving a lot of questions regarding reselling and names on tickets, please refer to the following points mentioned on the official site

Can I change the name on the ticket? Name changes are not possible. Tickets are final! However, small spelling mistakes should not cause any problems. You can only use the Exchange Desk to sell your ticket, which will no longer be used by you (= name change).

Can I resell my ticket? You can only sell your ticket if other people are still looking for your type of ticket. From May you can register your tickets at the online Exchange desk, if you want to resell them. If someone is interested in buying your tickets (people who register for the waiting list), we will refund the cost of the ticket to your bank account. If there is no demand for your ticket, you won’t get your money back.

Regarding names on tickets, we would heavily advise against being tickets off secondary ticketing websites. We would personally only buy tickets from The Tomorrowland Official Exchange Desk from May onwards.

2013, February 19 - 10:28pm


Regarding the name changes or reselling of tickets.... Would it not be possible to buy a ticket from a friend who was sucessful on the worldwide sale? As it is only the buyers name that is on the e-ticket confirmation. When he recieves the bracelets in June, can he then just register the bracelets in other peoples names? As it is the registered keeper of the bracelet which need to match up to the ID shown at the festival site?? thanks

2013, February 20 - 3:04pm

Hello Hulk2013,

Name changes are not possible, in the scenario where a friend has bought tickets for themselves and other people, we think you have to enter together as IDs are checked on entry and scan.

Team Wikifestivals

2013, February 20 - 3:18pm


I have looked into this and have found a link on the official Tomorrowland website which re-directs you to a webiste called -

On this website is a statement from Debby Wilmsen in dutch, but translates to the following...

Antwerp Gazette spoke with Debby Wilmsen, spokesman of Tomorrowland, the illegal resale of tickets for Tomorrowland 2013. "We can not legally occur. We try every year the ticket system better and more smoothly and to ensure that this kind of malpractice can not, "said Debby Wilmsen.

Tomorrowland already made ​​sure that each access a chip band with the name of the official copper. "If he / she sells the tape, whether or not for big money, should provide a good explanation of existence and the new owner this explanation on paper with photocopy of the identity of the seller with them. Otherwise, we have the right to that person of the Tomorrowland grounds to remove, obviously without access strap. And there will constantly checks done on the ground ".

So by the looks of this, you can purchase a ticket from someone as long as they provide you with a written statement that the bracelet will be used by another person and the reasons why they have sold their ticket. Also that you must bring a photocopy of the original purchasers ID.

2013, June 17 - 12:40pm

helllo i have just bought e-tickets to tomorrowland.. does it work on the event? i have read something at tomorrowlands website that they dont sell e-tickets.. so i wonder if i have to buy other tickets?

2013, July 1 - 12:19pm

Hello, I bought my ticket but in March 22 I had to have knee reconstruction which is slowing me down a great deal. There was 4 of us that bought the train ticket and ticket to Tomorrowland and are staying together... my knee is still not right after this surgery and would like to give it to give it to a friend so that nobody is staying with a stranger... I read above about a written statement confirming that I can give my ticket to someone else with written consent, what is the proper procedure for this?

2014, June 1 - 4:17pm

hi, im in the same situation as you at the moment, and was wondering did this work for you last year?? thanks Robert

2014, July 14 - 8:54am

hi, im in the same situation as you at the moment, do you know what to do?? ELINOR

2014, July 14 - 8:53am

hi, im in the same situation as you at the moment, do you know what to do?? ELINOR

2018, February 20 - 6:10pm

I tore my acl and i need to have reconstruction surgery so I cant go to tomorrowland 2018 anymore. I already bought a ticket what is there that I can do?

2017, April 12 - 11:21am


I have bought a global package and am looking to resell one of the tickets, Tomorrowland have stated on their website that to request a name change you will have to pay a fee of 350 euros and have to do so before the end of April 17.

350 euros is a lot of money and I'm thinking of just registering the bracelet in a different name not paying the money. Has anyone else been in a similar situation and does anyone know if the bracelet will be denied access?