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Submitted by bendikkloseth on 2013, January 14 - 8:41pm

Hello, I would be coming from Norway, by car. And I'm just wondering how much it will cost for food/drinks. How much is the average person using for 5 days at the festival?

2013, January 14 - 8:42pm

Hello dendikkloseth.

Please read the following information copy and pasted from our Wikifestivals wiki:

FOOD AND DRINK Tomorrowland has received universal praise for it's choice of festival cuisine.

Food ranges from hot dogs and pizza to oyster and Belgian frites, with a wide choice for vegetarians and vegans.Those eating and drinking in the VIP area are also eligible for free massages.

According to forum discussion, the festival operates on a token system, in 2012 the prices were apparently as follows:

7 coupons for 10 euros Beers and Ciders cost 2 coupons Soda/Water cost 1.5 Tokens The Boozebag which costs €50 comes with some beers and 35 tokens.

SPENDING MONEY Aside from travel and those kind of expenses, outside forum research shows that many recommend anything from €150-€300 depending on what kind of time you want to have.

At Wikifestival we recommend not to keep all your money in one place, as mentioned in the Food and Drink section, the festival operates on tokens. It might be worth buying a selected amount of tokens in the morning and keeping a small amount of cash for merchandise and other fun festival buys.

There are plenty of ATMs on site, so withdrawing all your money at once isn't completely necessary.

For more information you can check out the whole wiki here:

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals