Tomorrowland Spending Money

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Submitted by TankGirlTotoro on 2012, December 3 - 11:11am

Hellooooooo Wikifestivals,

Aside from travel, tickets and all that stuff, how much spending money would you recommend that we take?

Many Thanks!!

2012, December 3 - 11:13am

Hello again TankGirlTotoro

As we have had many requests regarding this, we have set up a section in the wiki regarding this topic which you can see here:

Please bare in mind this is just advise, you can never have too much spending money :-P

Thanks for your questions,

Team Wikifestivals

2012, December 3 - 6:28pm


Is there an estimate date/month of when tickets for Tomorrowland will be on sale??