Tomorrowland to Serbia

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Submitted by BlackJack on 2012, December 17 - 11:41am

Hello, me and my friends are coming 100% in 2013 , i have a few questions tho, one ticket is considered for all the 3 days or? is the price 170-250 euros for all the 3 days? And also is there ANY chance your planes are flying to Serbia (Belgrade)

2012, December 17 - 11:49am

Hello BlackJack

1) Could you rephrase your first question as we are having trouble understanding, the price listed does cover all three days if that is what you mean/

2) We aren't involved with the festival at all, we just write and advise on it, we can tell you however that further 2013 ticket information will be available in the new year.

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2012, December 18 - 1:01pm

I apologize for my first question, I wasn't so sober when I decided to gather some information (shy). However, yes that was exactly what I meant, I thought the price covers only one day but the info you gave to me makes it all easier. Also thanks for letting me know when the tickets info will be available, will all the info come out on this forum? :) Thanks in advance guys!

2012, December 18 - 1:12pm

No worries, the information will be made available via the following places:

1) Our constantly updated Tomorrowland Wiki 2) Our Social Networks

And if you visit the front page of this site, lok to the box to the left and you can sign up to receive our fortnightly newsletter :-)

We're here to help and advise the best way we can :-D

Team Wikifestivals