Tomorrowland Rumor South America (Brazil) 2014

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Submitted by chupss on 2013, June 28 - 11:53am

There is a rumor that Tomorrowland will be coming to South America in 2014/2015, and apparently the organisers have been discussing Brazil as a probable option. Uruguay has also been thrown up as a possible destination although Brazil would make a lot more sense, especially with both the Olympics and the Football World Cup taking place there over the next couple of years.

2013, July 2 - 1:58pm

We've heard more rumours suggesting Australia, but it's hard to tell early on. The way that the America confirmations were broken early was that ID&T the organisers bought offices in USA around the time the confirmations were due.

Maybe we should all keep an eye on ID&T's movements and where they by some offices next!

Team Wikifestivals

2014, July 20 - 10:24pm

Tomorrowland just confirmed Tomorrowland Brazil 2015, the event will take place the 1st, 2nd and 3th of may in the city of Sao Paulo.