Tomorrowland Rough Estimate for budget

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Submitted by samScotland1 on 2012, December 7 - 2:35pm

hello, from scotland and wanted a rough estimate to keep aside for everything. accomodation, booze, flights, entry for standard weekend no vip stuff

2012, December 7 - 2:42pm

Hello samScotland

Please bare in mind this is advice influenced by 2012 prices, 2013 information will be released soon:

1) For Ticket and Camping Passes: Keep aside €220

2) For Flights from Edinburgh to Brussels keep aside £100-£150 depending on when you book

3) For Train from Brussels To Boom there and back: Keep €40

4) For Booze and Festival Weekend: anything from €150 - €350 depending on what type of festival you want to have.

anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, January 27 - 12:33pm

Hey Im from South-Africa.. Can you maybe advise me on how much money i need to put aside. Vip entry wil be awsome and where is the best place to get accomidation..? Since the country is so different from ours, can you please advise me on a daily budget and spending money on drinks.. Thank you.

2012, December 7 - 5:55pm

is it true that 90% of the crowd are men ?