Tomorrowland Price

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Submitted by Genie Marie on 2013, January 3 - 6:09am

Hi Im from New Jersey and I know the prices have not yet been released, but how much money should I save up if I buy the travel package with the flight and dreamville ticket? I want to start saving up for it.

2013, January 3 - 12:33pm

Hello Genie Marie

In 2012, a travel package from NYC including a dreamville stay cost between €1200 - €1260. 2013 information is due to be released soon,

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, January 6 - 12:38am

Hi all!! My name is Maite and Im from Argentina. I wanted to know how much money do I have to save for a full stay in Tomorrowland, i mean how much are the tents or the little houses I saw in a few pictures. I mean the full package to go there and have a great time. My idea is to go on 2014. This year I cant make it u.u

Hope you reply this! :D