tomorrowland preregister.. missed out..

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Submitted by Edward D'Onofrio on 2013, February 16 - 9:53am

Ok I have a big problem.. we wanted to purchase tomorrowland tickets and knew they were coming on sale this weekend although didn't know about this preregistering. What can be done???.. can we still buy them in a few hours when they come on sale?.. how else can we go.. I need to buy 5

2013, February 16 - 1:25pm

no you can't buy them unless you have pre-reg link, if you have a friend who has got the link he/she can buy them for you..And max you can get per link is 4, i am only getting one ticket out of my link so 3 spaces left if you need tickets.

2013, February 16 - 1:27pm

But I think that even the persons who are being bought a ticket by another person should have pre-registered in first place...or am I wrong?

2013, February 16 - 3:23pm

No only 1 person needs pre-reg to get a maximum of 4 tickets, add me on skype edward, deanp057