Tomorrowland Parking

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Submitted by Antoine Poney on 2013, January 17 - 4:09am


I couldnt find information on Tomorrowlands parking, so I wondered:
How much is a parking ticket?
Is it safe for the car (security?)?
Is it far from the festival and camping site?
Can we leave the camping or festival site to go to the car and then enter again (not 10 times a day but 1 or 2 on the 5 days of festival)?

Thanks in advance for your answers :)

2013, January 17 - 12:12pm

Hello Antoine Poney

Parking is just a walking distance from Dreamville and accessible throughout the whole festival from 10am onwards on Thursday 25th.

You can go and come as you please from the parking area to Dreamville and then to the festival site from there.

We can't find any articles about crime in the car park which we can only assume is a good thing :-) However as always never leave any valuables in the car.

We are not sure about prices but thank you for bringing this to our attention. We shall add the info we just gave you to the wiki and endevour to find out the answers to your other unanswered question and add those findings to the wiki to.

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, January 17 - 3:57pm

I think thats all for the moment.
Thanks for the fast reply ! You rock !