Tomorrowland Names on Tickets

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Submitted by sully on 2013, February 5 - 5:59pm

Hi Guys,

Just a quick question regards the tickets, and please excuse my ignorance if ye have explained already.

What I need to know is do you HAVE to put the correct names on the tickets if you are lucky enough to get them on the day they are made available?

Example: There are about 6 or 7 of us interested in going, but if only one of us manages to get the maximum 4 tickets on the day then is there any way of avoiding putting the correct names on the ticket?? So that we can arrange after who gets the tickets?

Or do you have to have arranged beforehand the exact 4 names to go on the 4 tickets?

Hope that makes sense,

Thanks for your help

2013, February 7 - 11:04am

Anyone have any idea??????

2013, February 8 - 12:49pm

Hello sully,

If we remember correctly We think there may be an option to note down the different names, however if as long as you are present with the person who bought the tickets then there shouldnt be a problem.

Or will you not be with the person who buys them?

Team wikifestivals

2013, February 9 - 10:15am

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the response. Ya the person who buys them will be me or a friend, either way we will all be together, so it's good to know that as long as the 3 others are with the person who purchased the tickets then there should be no problem with names on tickets.


2013, February 10 - 2:11pm

Hi, I am pre registered on the tomorrowland site for ticket sales, me and 2 other people planning on going, would I be able to purchase the tickets for all of us through the link I got in my email, or all of us have to preregister seperately? Thanks

2013, February 11 - 12:49pm

Hello LiuciaLuu

You are allowed to purchase 4 tickets max on one transcation so you should be able to buy tickets for your friends providing they are pre-reigistered too and have passed their details onto you.

Registration has re-opened until 14th Feb 20H00 (CET)

Hope that helps?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, February 11 - 9:33pm

Thanks, just to make sure all of us have to be pre-registered? or it is enough that i am pre-registered?

2013, February 12 - 11:16am

We'd personally make sure that everyone was registered, just in case :-)

Team Wikifestivals

2013, February 13 - 5:26am

I'm gonna say that all of you should pre-register and try and jump online to get tickets. Don't want to miss out