tomorrowland mansion! :)

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Submitted by alixandra_chloe on 2013, January 3 - 2:24pm

hello there Wikifestivals, i have been looking at older posts/questions and on the Tomorrowland website, but cant seem to find out how much the Tomorrowland Mansion is for 12 people and is the price per person or per mansion? Thanks very much Alixandra_Chloe :)

2013, January 3 - 6:19pm

Hello alixandra_chloe

We have no information on the Mansion pass YET, we promise as soon as find out more 2013 information we will update the wiki which can be found here:

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, January 6 - 2:26am

hello wikifestivals, i read that you don't have any information yet on the mansion, but do you know how much it cost last year?

2013, February 7 - 1:03am

I got a qoute at 21,000 euro for the mansion thatsleeps 12. NOT INCLUDING TICKETS but tickets will be guarenteed

2013, February 7 - 11:51am

Gareth is alright, this is the answer from Tomorrowland team

Dear Dreamviller,

We thank you for your interest in our mansion formula. Within our fantastic DreamVille experience that ensures that you can stay in the same magical atmosphere as the festival, this is our most exclusive formula.

The Mansion that consists of a spacious living room, a kitchen with filled fridge, a bedroom, a terrace and a private bathroom, is supported by its own garden, private parking and a 24/7 service staff. In addition, we offer some interesting extras such as an exclusive Jacuzzi for you and your Friends.

This wonderful accommodation that's located very close to the festival is offered for € 21,000 exclusive festival tickets. Kind regards The DreamVille Team