Tomorrowland - India [Bangalore]

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Submitted by Lester Pinto on 2013, January 28 - 4:37pm

I will try to be as generic as possible in my questions so others traveling from India will also get an idea of what to expect.

I am planning to get the 3day non-vip pass and book flights on my own (Qatar Airways, as it has the cheapest flights available from Bangalore ~50k INR)

I have gone through the other threads on the forum and see that food/beverage expenses will come up to 20k INR (300 euros max) for the time we are there do correct me if I am wrong.

The main thing I want guidance on is stay in Brussels, Car rental and the Visa.

  1. I've heard about house rentals/Hostel Facilities in Brussels. Any good ones you can suggest? (website or phone number is fine)

  2. Car Rental: Any good car rental places? I guess an Indian Driving license should suffice for Car rentals.

If 1+2 comes upto 15k INR per person for 4nights/5days for a 4sharing basis, then we will opt for this instead of the EasyTent Dreamville ticket which is about 10k INR per person.

  1. Visa. I tried navigating the Belgium Visa site but it was a bit vague on the details. I plan to apply for the Schengen Visa.

How many days is the Short stay visa valid for?

I was able to calculate that it comes upto 5k INR.

Thanks for all the help in advance!

2013, January 28 - 5:34pm

Hi there,

I went to tomorrowland 2012, it was absolutely amazing! But from reading your comment, I can't advise on visa or car rental as I stayed in Dreamville (sorry!) however what I can advise is to not stay in a seperate hotel in Brussels:

a. It such a HUGE festival to walk to walk around, it takes half an hour, maybe more, to walk to the festival from their provided camping as there's almost 200,000 people attending

b. It would probably take an hour and a half or so to walk to any hotel on the outside of the grounds into the town its situated in, as it's not in Brussels either, it's in Boom, which is quite a small town, so even if you did stay in Brussels and drive there by rental, you would lose out on a lot of the fun I think.

Sorry that's not much help, but I strongly recommend staying in their campsite, its also a fantastic atmosphere and half the fun of it is staying there! If not - look at hotels in Boom rather than Brussels.

Hope that sort of helps a little!

2013, January 28 - 5:48pm

Hey! Thanks for the response Robyn. Your reply does make me feel like giving Dreamville a chance! And what you say absolutely makes sense! Easy Tent for 4 is the way to go then :) Thanks for helping me decide on 1+2. Now for the visa part. I'll wait for someone else to answer :)

2014, January 25 - 3:05am

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2013, December 16 - 2:16pm

Hey Lester , can you please share your experience at tomorrowland and wht were the costs involved including Visa. As i plan to stay back for a few more days in Belgium or the other Schengen countries..