Tomorrowland- Global journey vs. Seperate flights, accom & ticket

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Submitted by chlojaay on 2013, January 30 - 4:54am

Hello! Me and a friend are traveling from Australia to Belgium for Tomorrowland 2013. We have looked into both the Global Journey package or to buy flights, accommodation and ticket separately. As we are traveling around Europe prior to the festival we would be departing from Barcelona; and for a Global Journey package we would be looking at roughly $1153 AUD versus $574 AUD to buy everything seperately. As we are traveling on a budget we are leaning for the $574 option, but we are so worried that we will not be able to get ahold of a ticket! What would be the better option for us? Is it worth spending the extra money to ensure a ticket? Or wait another week and battle to buy a 3 day pass. Please help us make a decision, haha thankyou!

2013, January 30 - 11:37am

Hello Chlojaay

If we were in your position here are the two options you have:


Apart from travel, the festival are also offering just Hotel+Ticket packages. This includes accommodation at a 3/4/5* hotel, transfers between the hotel and festival site daily and your 3 day pass.

To check out prices be sure to check out and scroll down to Hotel Package.


Or if all else fails you could just like you say attempt to get a general pass, however bare in mind all is not lost if the tickets sell out. This year the festival will be running a safe secondary market on their site where those with tickets can sell them on if they can no longer attend/

Depending on prices, you could either try both options or just option B

Hope that has given you some idea of what to do :-)

Anything else we can advice on?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, January 31 - 1:26am

Me and friends are also debating on buying global journey package or doing everything seperately. I know Global Journey comes on sale Feb 9th and worldwide is 16th however if the 16th comes and we'd like to change our minds, can we still try and purchase flight packages? Or are flight packages only on sale from Feb-16th?? Also, do flight packages sell out as quickly also?

Thanks Denise