Tomorrowland Global Journey Flight tickets?

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Submitted by EllaS on 2013, June 11 - 11:54pm

Hey! Just a quick question, I've emailed tomorrowland and haven't seemed to have gotten a reply. I'm nervous about this! On the newest PDF we received with the barcode for our hotel it says "You will receive your flight ticket by mail mid/end of June." Now, since the start they've been saying we are getting our flight tickets as "e-tickets" but that sentence makes it sound like they're sending it by postal service.... Now, this wouldn't be a problem, but I don't remember having to enter my home address when buying the actual tickets! (Maybe I'm forgetting)

My problem is: if they don't have my home address, they can't send me the flight tickets. (Note: I've never travelled by plane before or outside of North America, so this is all new to me!)

2013, June 18 - 12:05pm

I am having the same problem. No worries, they will most likely send them by email. Tomorrowland has been slow about giving documentation by the time provided.