Tomorrowland - General Camping Vs Relax Room

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Submitted by Roky on 2013, January 30 - 11:53am

Hello, I´m flying from Mexico to tomorrowland 2013. Do you recommend camping? or is better getting a relax room?

2013, January 30 - 11:56am

Hello Roky,

General camping has a great party atmosphere and is a fantastic chance to meet people around you.

Relax Room is great if you like the idea of your own private room in a separate area. It is also more luxurious then general camping as the room is lockable with 2 beds, a light and a clothing rack, as well as access to separate toilet/washing facilities and jacuzzi.

is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, January 30 - 5:06pm

Hello , I would like to know does this relax rooms has attach pvt toilet in room itself or common facility shared with other Relax rooms. Sorry but my GF is very fussy about sharing WC so!!!!! Is there any other option where we can have toilets attached :p

2013, February 5 - 3:35pm

Hello Vrushabh

It is a seperate zone with toilets and shower but in comparision to the toilets in the main festival site which are shared by thousands, the ones in the relax zone are shared a select few.

The only option to have personal toilets would be the mansion pass, but you would need 11 others to stay with.

Any other questions?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, February 1 - 7:21pm

Do you know if it is possible to visit friends in the relax room area if I am in a Dreamville tent?

2013, February 5 - 3:50pm

Hey there robizzle

We think we already answered this query in another forum but to answer again this will not be possible as your scanned wristband will show that you do not have access to that area.

Team Wikifestivals

2013, December 27 - 12:10am

Do the relax rooms have separate showers and toilets from the rest of the dreamville camping area?