Tomorrowland Food & drink

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Submitted by Newcastle14 on 2013, January 24 - 11:32am

Hi wikiFestivals, Does this festival allow you to take your own food and drink in, alcohol and normal fluids? Thanks

2013, January 24 - 12:11pm

Hi Newscastle14

You can take food and drink into the camping area but not the main arena. When taking these items into the campsite you can't take in anything contained in glass either.

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, January 24 - 3:21pm

about that,if u have a bag and u have for example few chocolates or so and 1 bottle of water u can take them with u,right?or am i wrong?

2013, January 25 - 12:25pm

Hello Xrispas,

As with a lot of festivals some are stricter then others.

Some festivals don't mind you bringing in a few snacks and an empty bottle of water to be filled at water points in the main arena, I think many are just warning againts people bringing in crates of beer and picnic baskets.

We reckon a couple of chocolate bars and an emprty bottle to fill should be ok, just make sure the bottle is plastic :-)

Team Wikifestivals