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Submitted by plife_23 on 2013, February 11 - 5:59am

I was one of the lucky 5% who managed to get book a Global Journey pass on Saturday. I now have an absolute multitude of questions, so I'll just lay them out and hopefully someone can help me out (even with answers from last years visitors) :) *Is there anyway to charge your phone when staying in an easy tent? *Is there room for our baggage inside the tent? *luggage on the flights? *roughly how much does the cheapest full strength beer cost at both the festival and in Dreamville (in AUD if possible)? *And lastly if I'm correct, your allowed to bring food and drink into Dreamville, but not into the festival grounds correct?

If anybody can help me out would be much appreciated! Thanks!

2013, February 11 - 12:56pm

Hello pflife_23

We can answer some but not all of these queries, hope this helps:

1) There are charging point around Dreamville and in the festival main arena

2) Baggage should be kept inside the tent

3) You should be told what airline you will be flying with, contact them with any flight queries

4) Drinks in the main arena are on set token prices, we seem to remember in 2012 a beer cost two tokens, check out our Tomorrowland Wiki for more details

5) Food and drink can be brought into Dreamville but not the main site

Anything else we can help with?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, February 12 - 3:33am

Sweet, thanks for replying. That makes the beer like $4 AUD, which coming from Australia im used to paying like 10 at a festival :) I emailed Brussels Airlines, I'll post the answer when they get back to me.

If i have any other questions I'll post again, but thanks for helping me out

2013, February 12 - 11:19am

No worries it's what we are here for :-)

Team Wikifestivals

2013, February 13 - 2:53am

According to Brussels Airlines it appears that on all their flights you get 23kg check in baggage and 6kg carry on.

2013, February 13 - 10:53am

You're a star we shall add that to the wiki :-)