Tomorrowland dreamville Question

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Submitted by Jrkrolik on 2014, February 1 - 1:33am

hello im from Canada and was wondering if you get a hotel room are you allowed to go into DreamVille at any point with out a pass say if you meet some friends . Golabl Journey packages are being released Feb 1st from what i understand. and was wondering what to get a hotel or Dreamville from what ive read dreamville is the way to do it

2014, February 14 - 10:25pm

No you have to get a dreamville camping pass otherwise you can't access dreamville at all unfortunately. also did you end up getting a package because I bought a party train package and totally confused if I actually got tickets or not or if it was just securing my spot to get tickets like I paid for it and everything on the tomorrowland website but why are they now saying official global and ticket selling Saturday 15th?