Tomorrowland - Dreamville and Travel Query

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Submitted by lydia on 2012, December 5 - 4:07pm

hello wikifestivals

i want to ask if we can live 3 persons in one relax room,in dreamville...or It is FORBIDDEN?? when can i book the tickets for the relax room??the same day with the entry ticket?? and one last...I am from Greece and i want to book the airport tickets that wrong??I must wait to book first the entry ticket??

2012, December 5 - 4:12pm

Hello Lydia

Only 2 people are allowed in the relax room and only caught breaking that rule could risk eviction.

As tickets for the festival and relax room are sold separatly, we would advise getting them on the same day, as everything tends to sell out quickly.

We would advising booking tickets first then travel, otherwise if you are not successful with a ticket, unless your airline offers a cancellation policy you will not be able to get your money back.

To travel from Greece to Tomorrowland you will need to do the following:

1) Fly from Greece to Brussels, website which can help with this is Brussels Airlines, eDreams, Expedia and Farecompare

2) Get the train from Brussels to Boom: information can be found at

3) If arriving on the Friday, a free shuttle service will take you from Boom Train Station to the festival site.

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2012, December 7 - 1:15am

Hi, just want a estimate as how much it would cost for the 3 day ticket to tomorrowland, 5 day dreamville camping and a return flight from Uk in the package deal? And how long do they take to sell out? Desperatley need answer thanks

2012, December 7 - 2:28pm

Hello Shane1993

1) In 2012, a standard camping package deal with flights to and from UK cost between €590 - €640

2) This year tickets sold out in less then 2 hours

Is there anything else we can advise?

Team Wikifestivals

2012, December 30 - 8:03pm

Hey wikifestivals

I am traveling from Denver Colorado in the united states I was just wondering how much I should plan for for ticket prices and dreamville camping passes for two people ? I've never traveled out of the country for a festival so I'm unsure how much money is really needed

2012, December 30 - 10:43pm

Does anybody know how it works if you bring our own tent do you just put it anywhere or what is the deal?

2013, January 3 - 12:25pm

Hello again Riddle,

You will be assigned a particular area to enter and camp on in Dreamville, but once in this area you can camp where you like if you bring your own stuff.

Team Wikifestivals.