Tomorrowland costs

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Submitted by luke_morris11 on 2013, August 22 - 2:29pm

Hi guys. I'm soon turning 18 and would love to go to Tomorrowland next year with a couple of mates. I'm organising everything but I'm finding it difficult to find costs in sterling (pounds) for the festival bands and accommodation, so I was curious to know if anyone could give me costs for the bands for 5 days? and costs for the Dreamville package for the week? I was also wondering if you had to pay for the Tomorrowland package and Dreamland package separately? Would mean a lot to get a straight forward answers, thank-you. :D

2013, August 22 - 11:01pm

hey! im looking to do the same with my wife for tomorrowland 2014. would love to know what the exact same costs are too :) cheers, justg84

2013, August 27 - 11:41am

Hi Luke, the 5 day Full Madness pass costs £170.70, and the Dreamville camping costs £43. You can buy them together, but they will cost the same. Note however that this was this year's prices, and they might go up next year. Hope that helps! :-)