Tomorrowland Belgium Tickets

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Submitted by deveshnichani on 2014, January 15 - 12:06pm

Hey Guys, had a million dollar question. I'm pretty keen on getting just the Full Madness Pass that is on sale from 15th Feb as global journey from India is way too expensive to consider. Mainly because if i'm making a trip to Europe i would like to visit other cities as well and not just a weekend to Boom.

And considering how slim the chances are of procuring a Full madness pass, I was wondering what the possibilities are for Belgian citizens to purchase them for us? Are they really strict about verifying Identification to ensure all the pass holders are Belgian citizens? Or is it possible for one Belgian to book 4 passes (1 for himself and 3 for other country citizens) as long as he has the bracelet delivered to his Belgian address? And at the time of buying the ticket he registers them in our names as well.

My question is at the time of entering the festival do they check if all 4 of us are Belgian ? Or as long as the identification on the ticket matches our registration, all will be well?

Would be great if I could get some insight on this. Cheers!

2014, January 15 - 12:57pm

We have heard reports of Belgian citizen's buying tickets for non-locals, and it being fine. Obviously we can't promise anything, and it's up to your own discretion. Tickets for Belgians go on sale earlier than for the rest of the world, on the 1st of Feb. Good luck!