Tomorrowland 2015, getting back and forth to TML from Antwerpen?

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Submitted by fridalundin86 on 2015, June 23 - 11:13pm

Hi, we are 4 swedish girls who are staying at an apt in Antwerpen. Any suggestions how to travel between Boom and Antwerpen?

Buy shuttle-tickets in advance?

Train to Boom and Taxi back to Antwerpen?

Taxi back and forth?

Thankful for answers people of Tomorrowland!! :)


2015, June 30 - 2:34am

Hey we r also going to Tomorrowland from antwerpen ... The easiest way to go is to use the public transport ... Bus 290 from central station takes u straight to Tomorrowland .,, if u are interested we can meet up n go together ... My fb name is zorif nib liban