Tomorrowland 2014 Schengen Visa

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Submitted by Kirk Arenga on 2013, October 3 - 2:50pm

I just want to ask how I can get to tomorrowland with my Visa. Basically I am from UK my visa is dependent visa from my mum who's already British Citizen. I am living in the UK for 2 years I came from Philippines. Do I need to get a Schengen visa so that I can go to tomorrowland next year or no? If I need to, How I can get Schengen Visa? I hope you guys can solve my problem.. I really want to go to tomorrowland next year hopefully with my sister..

2013, October 9 - 10:39am

Hi, if you normally need to a visa to travel inside the EU then you will need one to go to Tomorrowland. Unfortunately we can't really tell you more than that. You can check online or with a consulate for more information. Good luck!