Tomorrowland 2014 : Is it possible to buy a tent there?

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Submitted by Doezer on 2014, January 15 - 3:19pm


I've been searching around but I can't get an answer (the guys @ tomorrowland seem way too much occupied to answer my mails). I'm gonna go for the Global Journey Package from Lyon, France. In order to get to Lyon, I take a first plane and taking a tent+sleeping bag with me would be way too expensive (I assume that the Tomorrowland plane is okay with tents haha). So here's my question : Is it possible to buy a tent there?

Obviously I won't pay for an easytent package...

Thank you !

2014, January 16 - 6:30pm

This is a good question. We're pretty sure you'll be able to do this as most major festivals have vendors selling camping equipment including wellington boots, sleeping bags and tents.

Ask yourself this. With over 400,000 people going to Tomorrowland this year would it seem likely they'll be at least one shop selling tents at the festival? ..we think it's highly likely!

2014, January 17 - 1:15pm

Thanks for the answer.

I got to the same conclusion but I wanted to see if anyone could tell about their own experience (difficulties to buy a tent... etc). I don't want to be without anything once I'm there for 4 nights hahaha :)

2014, January 21 - 12:44pm

My question has been answered by the TL staff : Dear XXXX,

You can buy a tent at our campingshop at Dreamville

Kind regards DreamVille