Tomorrowland 2014 Dates - Rumour thread!

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Submitted by Edward Mellett on 2013, July 30 - 3:58pm

Like almost everyone else on this forum I REALLY WANT TO GO TO TOMORROWLAND 2014! I'm very excited about going to the festival for the first time with some of my best buddies and am planning my year around it.

This year the festival dates were Friday 26th, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th July. So I imagine that the most likely outcome is that next year Tomorrowland will be held over the same weekend, which means the dates will be Friday 25th, Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th July.

Does anyone have any more definite information on the festival dates other than this guesswork? I Imagine the festival must have to apply for licences and permits far ahead of their event so it's likely the dates may already have been decided.

2013, July 30 - 4:24pm

Me too! I'm excited for next year.. My first TomorrowLand but Ill be traveling by myself :( but I don't think they made the dates yet..

2013, July 30 - 5:15pm

Hi Ed, the last one just finished so nothing is certain yet. However you can stay up to date with the latest Tomorrowland news by registering with us here: You will get the latest info regarding tickets and dates.

With tomorrowland it's really important to buy tickets AS SOON as they are out, because they will sell out in a couple hours, if the last two years are anything to go by.

Keep an eye open on our wiki page here:

And our page specially dedicated to getting Tomorrowland 2014 tickets here: