Tomorrowland 2014

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Submitted by karlvangoor on 2013, October 29 - 4:53am

Alright so I'm a Tomorrowland virgin but have my heart set on going in 2014. First of all, I know it's extremely difficult to get tickets but I've also heard that it's not too hard if you can get them in Belgium? Is this true? Because I will be in Europe when they get released and am happy to go to Belgium for a day to be sure to get tickets!

Also, what about prices; did anyone get a cabin in 2013 or 2012? And how much did it cost? I can't find how much the different types of accommodation cost anywhere. Cheers everyone hope to see you at Tomorrowland 2014!!!

2013, October 30 - 4:58am

When do the tickets go on sale?

2013, November 10 - 2:00pm

what site I can buy tickets?

2013, November 20 - 1:48pm

Tickets should go on sale mid-February and can be purchased on the official Tomorrowland site.

For a list of accommodation prices click here.