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Submitted by wikifestivals on 2013, March 25 - 11:54am

We are getting many questions about Tomorrowland 2014, so we thought we would create this post of important points:

TICKET PRICE ESTIMATE: We can only recommend checking out the Ticket section and Camping section of our Tomorrowland Wiki for 2013 prices, from there you know how much roughly to save so you can be better prepared when tickets finally go on sale.

GLOBAL JOURNEY PACKAGES: Every year the destinations change, so we can't advise on this until information is released, to see what destinations were picked in 2013, check out the Tomorrowland wiki.

FLIGHTS: Without dates its hard to say, but the festival always takes place in the later part of July, check out the Travel Section of the Tomorrowland wiki for further recommendation.

TICKET SALE DATES: Details aren't usually released until the beginning of the year, in 2013 the tickets went on sale in Feb.

2013, March 31 - 3:19pm

Tomorrowland and UMF are the best shows ever.

The world of wisdom... That introductory voice is awesome.

But I can't afford to pay 600€, at least not right now.

2013, April 2 - 11:52am

Yeah that's the frustrating thing about festivals, but once you get over the initial costs it can be so much fun :-)

Have you got any plans to try for TomorrowWorld tickets?

2013, April 2 - 6:13pm

600 euros? Jeeeeeezzz. Is that how much it'll cost altogether?

2013, May 16 - 2:55pm

So when you buy a Tomorrowland ticket, will it give you options to also include flights and camping? And is this all included in the €600?

And can I purchase multiple tickets with mine? Because 3 of my friends want to come with me! Sorry about the questions! Thanks :)

2013, May 17 - 12:59am

A friend and I are wanting to go to tomorrowland in 2014 and I would be turning 17 on July 27th, 2014

But I've read the restrictions on tomorrowlands website and it says anyone under 18 are restricted. Is there any way I could possibly get into tomorrowland? I always have a brother than I look almost identical too, could I use his ID and Passport while getting in? Would that work? Thanks!

2013, June 28 - 12:49am

We wouldn't recommend using a fake ID. Tomorrowland have a reputation for being really strict validating IDs and it would be horrible to get turned away on the gate having travelled to the festival!

2013, June 28 - 11:31am

Jennifer - I think you can buy up to 4 tickets per person.

2013, July 2 - 3:58am

For the Global Travel Packages from London to Tomorrowland - how much roughly would they be based on 2013 prices? Including return flights, accomondation at dreamville/hotel and tickets Thanks

2013, July 2 - 2:10pm

We can't advise on prices just yet, but if you check the site towards the Dec of this year and Jan of next year, they often create a page with a simulator, which predicts prices for you depending on what packages you pick.

This gives you an idea of how much to save up excluding spending money.

Team Wikifestivals

2013, July 11 - 3:49am

Hi there!

We are a group of about 12 people from Perú (yes Llamaland!) really looking forward to being part of this madness. Have a few question tho and hoping you guys can help us:

  1. I understand that once you get your ticket for the festival this will arrive at your home - I'm sure they deliver them worldwide, right?

  2. Using this years prices, how much would it be PP for A) Just entry tickets for the 3 days B) Tickets + Regular Camping and C) Tickets + Camping + Tomorrowland Flight Tickets*? - We know they still need to confirm the new departing cities, if they arent yet confirmed?

  3. Booze, food prices?

  4. 2014 ticket sales dates? 2014 Festival Dates?

I think thats it for now. Many thanks in advance! Cheers!

2013, July 11 - 8:37am


2013, July 27 - 11:35pm

Carnt wait to go in 2014 lol should be a epic time when will ticket's be released? also is it about the same date every year or difrent because the 22nd of july is my 18th so really if before july i wouldent be let in.

2013, July 27 - 4:44pm

Next year around Feb/March. Yes it really is going to be epic. Hopefully see you there!

2013, July 28 - 1:12am

I heard its gonna be in mexico.. It better be around cancun or playa del carmen :)

2013, July 28 - 9:05am

I am from South Africa and i would like to find out about the costs for everything, including: camping,flights and the tickets. i would just like a general idea so if you could give me the prices for this years tomorrowland as i will be planning to go in 2016, for all the tickets, camping and flights. it would be much appreciated. As i said a rough price would help me a lot.

2013, July 28 - 9:14am

Anyway you could be emailed to your email address so you know when ticket sales will start , dont want to miss you on 2014 , im a south african dude but staying in dubai, so first point would be a email to my address , then second point would be costs for tickets for the camping and dreamville and the 3 days full weekend pass, i worked it would be roughly 640 US dollars , do you thing that is roughly right amount

2013, July 28 - 9:41am

when i can buy tickets for 2014 can u tel me pls thanks...

2013, July 29 - 3:05am

will the location be the same for 2014

2013, July 29 - 1:51pm

How do we go about getting tickets for 2014? Do you need to Sign up to anything official? Will they be on sale next year or is that just a guess? Thanks :)

2013, July 29 - 5:24pm

If you want to find out when tickets for Tomorrowland 2014 are released, like WikiFestivals on Facebook and we'll keep you posted. Tickets will be released in early February 2014 and it is very likely that the event will be in Boom in Belgium once again


2013, July 29 - 10:31pm

I'm from Hawaii and I was wondering how could I go to TomorrowLand 2014. Do I have to fly to a different state? And does TomorrowLand offer packages for one person? Like flight/transportation/camping/food/ for one person

2013, July 29 - 11:27pm

Can't wait! Definitely going to try to make it!

2013, August 19 - 9:58pm

why is the pre-registing site down ?

2013, August 21 - 7:12pm

i am turning 18 in 27th of august 2014 will they let me in or not ? and is it still in Belgium my home country?

2013, August 27 - 11:26am

Hi Jiang, it's still too early to pre-register for tickets on the main Tomorrowland site.

yonigeusens, Tomorrowland will be in Belgium next year, but unfortunately you will probably not be able to attend :-( You can try and contact the organisers to plead your case.

2013, August 27 - 9:56pm

Could you please tell me how much does it costs if I include the ticket, camping ,foid and eth else? Do you know how much does the ticket cost from albania to belgium? And for those ones who are under 18 ,are they allowed? Uh i forgot if i pay the ticket , that ticket includes every show everyday of the festival? Thanks:)

2013, September 27 - 1:15am

Adela ticket from Albania to belgium is not more then 400e from Skopje Macedonia is 365e if you going on festival or if you have a plan to going send your mail adress on 0093796113172 Regards

2013, August 28 - 10:33am

Hi Adela, last year the Full Madness Pass (which includes all the concerts every day of the festival) cost €198.50 and the Dreamville camping cost €50. There were no Global Journey Packages (which includes flights) from Albania, so you have to buy your plane ticket to Belgium separately. For food you have to make your own budget, inside the festival it will be a little expensive so we recommend buying your food at a supermarket if you want to save money. People who have gone recommend to bring €150-300 to spend inside the festival. Unfortunately people under 18 are not allowed to attend.

Hope that helps :-)

2013, September 12 - 11:26pm

Is it difficult getting a ticket?

2013, September 12 - 11:26pm

Is it difficult getting a ticket?

2013, September 13 - 11:18am

hi, want to ask if there's any flight departures from Malaysia to Belgium? Or do i need to travel to London, then to Belgium? Thanks a lot!

2013, September 13 - 2:11pm


Just want to know which ticket too buy that will let me gain access to all parts of tomorrowland including camping and how much it will cost?

2013, September 16 - 12:50am

Hey Guys, Just Wanna know is there flights from algeria to Boom or to Tomorowland, i mean flights organized specially for that purpose??

2013, September 16 - 6:13pm

How much would it be for a travel package from Canada? Either for the tents or the relax rooms? And how fast do these pacakges sell out?

2013, September 17 - 10:30am

BRING IT TOO SOUTH AFRICA!!!! here is one of our small events yearly!!

Go Look at the "OFFICIAL 49M Rocking the Daisies 2012 Video" WE have the space we have the people and its cheap!!

2013, September 17 - 1:57pm


2013, September 21 - 11:41am

Should they come to SA ... i wont be the same anymore. It's like with the Comrades, if they had to held it in PTA-JHB.. it wont be the same. But wud be nice if they did come to SA..

2013, September 17 - 2:00pm

will there be a Tomorrowland plane from South Africa?

2013, September 21 - 11:39am

Hope so ~~~ Wud be Awesome !

2013, September 21 - 11:38am

@Pieter, apartly Tomorrowland is coming to SA in 2015 ? that's just a rumor !! But i'm planning to go there anyway in 2016. It's one of those things in life, You Have to do it !! @Lexi94 .. That would be an awesome idea !!!!

2013, September 26 - 12:20am

Adela Braho leave your mail to contact you

2013, September 28 - 8:12pm

Hi ! I wanted to know how it goes for the tickets reserved for the Belgian ? Should we have Belgian nationality to have them, or just a local address? And how do we prove it ? Thanks !

2014, January 11 - 2:14am

Hi Loanah, Full Madness Pass (which includes all the concerts every day of the festival) cost €198.50 and the Dreamville camping cost €50.there is no need to have Belgian nationality to buy tickets,it's all through on online,any one can buy around the world.hope this ll resolve your prob:)

2013, September 28 - 8:35pm

Hi, I'm hoping to go in 2015 - I know there is no official thing about it yet, but that's when I turn 18 so it's the next one I can go to. I was just wondering how much everything would cost, around abouts, like how much would you suggest on plane tickets (I'm from England), the fullmadness pass and dreamville camping, and extra spending money, I need to know how much I need to save up because I would love to go!!!!! Thanks!!

2013, October 9 - 4:43am

How do u go about getting tickets for tomorrow world 2014 I'd really like to go but don't even kno where to start to order a ticket

2013, October 9 - 10:24am

Hi guys, for everyone asking about prices, Full Madness Pass (which includes all the concerts every day of the festival) cost €198.50 and the Dreamville camping cost €50. Global journey packages, which include airfare, as well as the Full Madness Pass and camping, cost roughly twice as much than buying everything separately, but if normal tickets run out it might be the only way to get in.

Tickets should come out in February, we will let you know when that is confirmed. For more info about 2014 tickets check here, and for more info about prices check here. Be sure to take a look at Tomorrowland wiki, as well as signing up to our Facebook page for the latest info.

2013, October 12 - 1:05pm

Hey Guys, Just Wanna know is there flights from tunisia to Boom or to Tomorowland, i mean flights organized specially for that purpose??!!*

2013, October 14 - 3:35pm

Hi Lou', there were flights from Dubai and Turkey, but none from Tunisia this year. Maybe they will add more destinations this year, as soon as more information is released we will update our site. Hope that help :-)

2013, December 31 - 2:47am

when start the sale of tickets?? ,i am from chile