Tomorrowland 2013 Travel Package

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Submitted by Tyler Consalvi on 2013, January 13 - 6:39am

I am from the United States and was wondering around how much i should save up for everything (Tickets, camping, flights, ect.) I'd like to know as soon as possible so I can start saving!

2013, January 14 - 11:48am

Hello Tyler,

We apologise for the comment from "thepastabandit" if you saw it, that account has been blocked as we don't accept that kind of behaviour, if not don't worry and here is your response:

We can currently only answer this using 2012 estimates, but it would probably be a little bit extra, however this is just an idea of the rough amount to save:

(The following conversion were made using Online Currency Converter XE)

1) Travel Package from NYC (which includes flights, camping or hotel and transfers from airport): €1200 - €1400 / $1604 - $1871 depending on whether you select camping, VIP campping, hotel and VIP hotel. 2) Spending Money; When we asked forum users they recommended taking anything between €150-€300 / $200 - $400

TOTAL: $1350 - €1700 / $1804 - $2272

Hope that helps and here are some other resources worth checking out:

Is there anything else we can advise on?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, January 15 - 10:40pm

Thank you! and that will cover the actual ticket to the festival as well?

2013, January 16 - 11:13am

That will cover everything and as FightingT mentioned more ticket information shall be released today!

Exciting stuff!

2013, January 21 - 4:14pm


I am from South africa and i need to know how much everything will cost me from flights, accomodation and obviously the tickets to the tomorrowland festival?

Are there still tickets available?

Thank you

2013, January 23 - 12:38pm

Hello miggyesp

Tickets have not yet gone on sale, there are due to on sale on 9th if you want a to buy a travel package or 16th for general sale.

There are travel packages operating from South Africa with information available here:

Is there anything else we can advice on?

Team Wikifestivals

2013, January 15 - 11:54pm


BOOM! and yes there is a pun involved!!! :DDDDD

2013, January 16 - 11:51am

In case we don't get the tickets? any other source to buy it from ?

2013, January 16 - 11:57am

Hi I have already booked my tickets for brussels for July. I just need a rough calculation on the price of (Concert passes + Dreamville stay) for 3 people. Will appericiate if you can advise the same in USD. Cheers

2013, January 16 - 2:54pm

do the Global Journey flight packages for Double Room hotel tickets include 2 full madness tickets as well?

2013, January 16 - 5:43pm

All ticket prices are updated on the Wiki.

Yes Hayden, those packages include either full madness or full madness comfort, whichever you choose.

2013, January 16 - 9:03pm

If you get the global package each person and since it comes with the hotel can 2 people stay in the same hotel room ?

2013, January 17 - 6:12pm

Hello Priscilla87

On the Global Package you have a choice in the drop down menu or single or double rooms, have you look at the Global Package site yet? If you find it a bit confusing we can help you a little in terms of where to click

Les us know

Team Wikfestivals

2013, January 24 - 11:03pm

when the tickets go on sale where do you buy them do u get them online or do u get a phone number to call and buy them?

2013, August 14 - 8:01pm

How quickly do the Official Travel Package sell out? I'm in California and am used to festivals selling out to scalpers almost instantly. I know they have taken precautions but I don't want to save up just to be let down because I signed on 2 minutes after they go on sale and they are sold out.

2013, August 20 - 3:20am

when the tickets go on sale where do you buy them do u get them online or do u get a phone number to call and buy them?

2013, October 4 - 8:21am

HI, I am from the Malaysia and was wondering around how much for everything including (Tickets, camping, flights, ect.). Do you guys have any MALAYSIA team or tour guide?

2014, August 16 - 8:49pm

Hello I am from Country Georgia. Can you help me diagnose what is going to cost me the whole package ( travelling, ticket cost, food, camping) for Tomorrowland 2015?